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Brittany Gomulka, also known as “surfgirlbrit” is a lifelong surfer who was born and raised in Ocean County, New Jersey. She served for 13 years as a lifeguard in Seaside Park alongside of her father, Captain Joe Gomulka. For many years, Brittany organized the recreational surf program and swimming lessons for the borough of Seaside Park. During those years of teaching surfing lessons and swimming lessons to children, she gradually became the most sought after female surf instructor at the Jersey Shore for surfers of all ages.


Brittany’s love for the ocean  brought her all the way from New Jersey to the shores of Oahu Hawaii in 2005 where she learned how to surf Oahu’s North Shore. After crossing paths with Native Hawaiian, Sturmar Ahsing,  in 2012, he began training her to surf big waves. Today, she has become one of Oahu’s up and coming female big wave surfers. With a lifetime of training with local legends both in New Jersey and Hawaii, Brittany’s skills as an instructor and surfer keep on improving year after year. With years of training in the sport of surfing and ocean safety, Brittany is delighted to share her knowledge and experience with others from around the globe here on the North Shore of Oahu.

brit and sturmar


@SurfGirlBrit & @StrumarAhsing surfing the North Shore of Oahu



2 thoughts on “About SurfGirlBrit

  1. Brit, You are something else, and we mean this in a good way, you can bring water to our eyes.
    We feel that you just want to do this (surfing) for the rest of your life. Wether it be playing, working, teaching, contestant, whatever. We see the possibility that when a sportsman has experience and adds heart and sole to its entirety they become a champion.
    Gma & Pops

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