Coffeeside with SurfGirlBrit


Besides surfing, one of my favorite things to do is teach others about the ocean and talk about what is happening in the water. Every day, I check the surf and wind reports and keep tabs on surfing all around the island of Oahu. I enjoy knowing what spots are working because it brings me interesting opportunities to explore areas that only produce A+ waves under certain circumstances. I do my best to know what these circumstances are and venture out to surf some more obscure spots on the island. I usually aim for the uncrowded breaks that require a bit of a further paddle. I also strive for perfection so just imagine the most amazing perfect glassy conditions ever! Perfect waves bring me the most joy, especially when its big.

Just because the waves are not breaking properly in the local spot you’re staying at, does not mean that there is not waves somewhere else on the island. That is what I love so much about living on Oahu. There is a multitude of surfing opportunities  Today is one of those days where plenty of spots are breaking, but you’ll just have to get it figured out an drive there! Good luck, but if you need some help, I’m just a message or phone call away! Aloha friends and thanks for checking in with @surfgirlbrit HAPPY APRIL 420!!!


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