Mind, Body, & Spirit with SurfGirlBrit

Life can be a busy & hectic time, especially when it comes to work. Each and every person can relate to how the daily demands of life often weigh us down. For those who work incredibly busy schedules, there are always things coming to our minds of better things we could be doing for ourselves.


Photo by Alexcia Niumatalolo

For those who have never had the pleasure of riding a wave, it would be incomprehensible to understand just how surfing helps connect us to humanity, ourselves, and each other. I challenge those who have never tried surfing, no matter the circumstances occurring in your life, no matter your age or size, to pick up a surfboard and simply paddle around with it. Try this in flat, shallow water on any surfboard you can find. I encourage you to try this exercise alone, with a partner, or your kids. You don’t have to catch a wave. This is simply a paddling exercise. You can lay on the board and just relax and absorb some sunshine. Give it a chance at your own pace. Take it very slow and easy. But take some time out of your busy workweek, get out in some body water, and give paddling on a surfboard a try. The goal of this exercise is to not worry about the success of your padding skills. It is simply to relax, PLAY!, and appreciate this time you have to yourself or with someone you enjoy spending time with.

You will be really surprised in what you discover. By doing this, you may find this time that you have set aside to be alone or with a significant other could change your entire relationship with yourself and/or that person. Surfing has always been a solo experience for me.  Even if you cannot find anybody who wants to do this exercise with you, make it a goal to do it by yourself. Go to to a lake, float yourself on the board in a pool, the calm ocean.. however you feel most comfortable laying on that board! Make sure the conditions are safe and just relax on cruise around.

I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below with the subject line: “My first time paddling on a surfboard”I am so excited to hear your responses! Feel free to include some photo footage too ❤ Aloha! Have a great weekend everybody!


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