Super Surfer Saturday with SurfGirlBrit


One of my longtime surf buddies who lives all the way in Carolina Beach, North Carolina is conducting the first annual Tony Silvagni Surf School Foam Board Fest. He is out there putting on an amazing event, supporting his local community, and doing just what he loves to do teaching people how to surf. I really admire how much Tony has contributed to the sport of surfing in his own hometown and across the globe.

I’ve always been inspired by Tony Silvagni’s journey in becoming such a successful professional surfer. When I was roommates with Tony back in 2008, he was winning every contest he entered with his smooth, stylish flow and innovative tricks that he created. Watching Tony surf is extremely impressive and anytime I get the opportunity to watch him compete in the pro longboard division, I get so excited to see what he has up his sleeve. With his competitive surfing success and the continuous support from his small beach community, Tony was able to build an amazing surf school from the bottom up. Tony is always giving back to his community by teaching neighbors and visitors of Carolina Beach how to surf. He’s always coming up with fun events each and every year for those who are stoked to be a part of something in their favorite sport and support a good cause.

You can find Tony Silvagni’s Surf School at

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tony Silvagni for bringing the people of his community together for a fun day at the beach with family and friends.  All of the proceeds for this event are being donated to the Pleasure Island Lifeguard Association.

2015 Tony Silvagni Surf School‘s Foam Board Fest Results

Groms FunShape
1st- Mack Landry
2nd- Claire Wike
3rd- Julia Boos
4th- Nolan Muxworthy
5th- Jack Messer
6th- Jalon Weaver

Groms Longboard
1st- Kaila Shaw
2nd- Kai Noa
3rd- Parker Kitts
4th- Mack Landry
5th- Nolan Muxworthy
6th- Collin Kitts

Teens FunShape
1st- Dylan Weeks
2nd- Colby Crombie
3rdGrayson Thompson

Teens Longboard
1st- Dylan Weeks
2nd- Daniel Wike
3rd- Cameron Williams
4th- Colby Crombie
5th- Dylan Wishart
6thGrayson Thompson

Girls FunShape
1st- Kat Neff
2nd- Deanna Murray
3rd-Swain Curtain

Girls Longboard
1st- Kat Neff
2nd- Deanna Murray
3rd- Swain Curtain

Womens FunShape
1st- Tina Piper
2nd- Morgan Owney
3rd- Christina Weeks
4th- Barbara Corey
5th- Kristen Kinker
6th- Misti Claude

Womens Longboard
1st- Leigh Powell
2nd- Christina Weeks
3rd- Isabella Kantek
4th- Morgan Owney
5th-Stephanie Donaldson

Mens FunShape
1st-TJ Bonanno
2nd-Johan Sanchez
3rd- Will Benfield
4th- Matt Watkins
5th- Rob Duesling
6th- Seth Schachle
Mens Longboard
1st- Conner Barnes
2nd-Ricky Miller
3rd- Daniel Russell
4th- TJ Bonnano
5th- Johan Sanchez

Legends FunShape
1st- Rick Anson
2nd-Lawrence Shotwell
3rd- Jon Taylor
4th- Todd Piper
5th- Wes Bell

Legends Longboard
1st-Rick Anson
2nd-Lawrence Shotwell
3rd- Kevin Hill
4th- Wes Bell
5th- Todd Piper
6th- Ron Claude
7th- Trey Womble

Open Beater Board
1st- Conner Barnes
2nd- Tina Piper
3rd-Lawrence Shotwell
4th- Josh Ohara
5th- Richard Hoppe
6th- Lennie Senkarik

Hottest Wave Award- Dylon Weeks
Sportsmanship Award- Ron and Misti Claude

Guppies Division Winners

Kylee Heath
Caleigh Brooks
Jude Watkins
Nolan Muxworthy
Mack Landry
Jenna Sell
Roman Watkins
Gabe Hruska
Laith Ausband
Solana Chmiel
Teague Lee
Gabriel Sanders
Noah Piper
Madison Hruska
Ella Milam
Zoe Elliott
Brodie Martin
Havanah Chmiel
Rauls Lee
Olivia Bridges
Madeline Eckler
Fisher Piper
Jalon Weaver
Logan Messer
Jack Messer
Catherine Wike
Spencer Bass
Malia Womble
Kaila Shaw
Kali Bell
Natalie Wike
Warren Goodwin
Sally Bass
Katalina bell
Grant Sewell
Kendrick Remahl

Congratulations to all of the participants!



Photo by Joshua Ausband

That’s all for this week’s Super Surfer Saturday. Tune in next Saturday to learn more about the up and coming contributors to the future of surfing around the globe! Want to nominate someone for next week? Fill out the Contact Form below!


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