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Want to know how I start each morning? Lately it’s become a daily habit to drive to a coffee shop on the North Shore and eat an acai bowl for breakfast every day. Good acai bowls usually contain plenty of various fruits such as bananas, berries, papaya, kiwi, ect. They also have plenty of granola, seeds, and honey. Haleiwa Bowls in Haleiwa town is my favorite local acai bowl spot on the North Shore. They have all the best ingredients like bee pollen and spirulina! So yummy and has amazing effects on the body! Turtle Bay Resort has excellent acai bowls too. I usually enjoy eating breakfast at the resort lobby most often because its my favorite place to get work done on my computer before my day shift starts.


Eating fruits every morning for breakfast help my body release the terrible Lyme Disease toxins I’ve been fighting for the past decade. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease by Dr. Richard Horowitz back in 2007 after being bitten next to my spine by a contaminated tick about one year prior to being diagnosed. I was told by my doctor not to consume yeast because the Lyme spirochetes love yeast, thrive off of it, and they have the amazing ability to a-sexually multiply. That sucks, because now I cannot eat most of my favorite foods like pizza, bagels, beer, and macaroni and cheese.

I must constantly detox if i want to be symptom free. If I do not cleanse and replenish my body with nutrients on a daily basis, I easily get very sick and end up in bed crying in pain. My joints swell, I get internal infections, and my organs become sore if I do not keep up on my strict Lyme recommended diet. I must constantly stretch and keep moving because the toxins will build up in different places at different times depending on my habits. My bones crack everywhere loudly, all the time, and it sometimes consumes me. Its been getting better over the years as I learn how to take care of myself and fight the disease holistically. My disease goes through phases of ups and downs. I was on antibiotics for several years along with an herbal regimen as well. I’ve been keeping my Lyme Disease in check for quite some time now. Suffering with a chronic, ongoing case of Lyme Disease made me examine my day to day habits very carefully. Any little slip-up in my eating or exercise routine and I will be in pain again. To this day, I still struggle to keep my health balanced, but its under control. It’s a 24 hour a day challenge.

My last clinical Lyme Disease relapse was in 2012 when I tested positive to the western blot for the second time. The general practitioners couldn’t believe it! I had to once again be put back on antibiotics until I was able to minimize the disease enough to not have anymore severe symptoms. After antibiotic treatment, I relied on natural herbs and exercise to take care for my symptoms and fight those little microscopic buggers living inside of me. I used to grow my own herb garden and drink fresh herbal teas every single day. I believe consuming many different herbs, fruits, and vegetables throughout my day is the method that saved my life and helped me to heal.

I am not a doctor or a therapist, but I feel compelled to share what has worked for me so that I can inspire others who suffer with chronic pain some hope that eating healthy can absolutely change your health status. It takes more than the pills prescribed by your doctor to be fully healed. It requires self discipline along with a healthy daily regimen of proper foods and consistent participation in beneficial exercise.


You can visit my blog post here about how to make your own homemade herbal tea!

Or visit here to learn more about the kinds of culinary herbs I use in my diet to heal with.

& Check out the edible garden I grew at my parent’s home in New Jersey back in 2013..



3 thoughts on “Manifest a healthy routine with SurfGirlBrit

  1. I love the vibe of your blog Brit! You show immense strength living and thriving with Lyme Disease. I couldn’t agree with you more that eating healthy and supplementing with herbs can heal the body. I am definitely going to check out your post about herbal tea!

    Looking forward to following your journey. đŸ™‚


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