Irrational Fear with SurfGirlBrit

I challenge all of you to describe one irrational fear that you often have. What do you do or what have you done to overcome it?

Photo from a few months ago when I overcame my fear of heights. In effect, my surfing abilities benefitted dramatically after this experience. By overcoming one seemingly insignificant fear, I believe we build also build the strength to overcome other fears that subconsciously block our growth in various ways. Have you ever noticed this? Please share your experiences below! Aloha


8 thoughts on “Irrational Fear with SurfGirlBrit

  1. I fear ‘missed opportunities’ the most; so these days I try to spend my time listening to my gut-feeling on things and trusting my instincts more that I’m making the best choices.

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  2. When I first started surfing I was really afraid of rips, and somewhere along the line I got fed up with it, so I started swimming in rips, letting them take me out, then swimming around and back in. It cured me of the fear, but it also gave me lots of confidence socially as well (I was always a bit reclusive). It was like the veil had been pulled back and the growling monster I had been afraid of turned out to be a friendly pup.


    1. i wouldn’t recommend everyone to jump in a rip and see what happens but rather learn how to swim very well, learn what the rip is doing, then give it a go under supervision. glad you overcame it on your own though! it becomes easy once you truly know what you’re doing.


      1. Yeah, well you have to use some common sense. Jump in a small, defined rip on a straight 3ft swell with a pair of fins and it’s a good learning experience. Jump into a raging river on the day of the year with a massive sweep… you might find your fears were warranted all along.

        Surfing without a leash (on small and crowdless days) is another good way to build confidence in the water. You get comfortable swimming in moving water, and you quickly learn to keep your board under your feet. Just don’t be the selfish douche who does it in a crowd.

        But yeah, like you said, learn to swim, learn the ocean and then do it under supervision. I certainly didn’t do the rip thing when I was starting out. It was a few years down the track -after I realised it was holding my surfing back – sky was the limit after that (well, maybe not the sky, but you get my drift.


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