Rejuvenation with SurfGirlBrit

Today I visited the Valley of the Temples to spend some time with Sturmar and his ancestors. We were greeted with a light drizzle and steamy clouds. 

Pictured here is Sturmar hard at work beautifying his family’s gravestones, allowing me some time to look around and reflect. 

The Temple up the valley was open so we took a little walk around to see the sights. 

For the first time, I saw a black swan & was able to lure in some other birds close enough for an epic pic!  

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. & the truth of perception. These are what I learned today. 


 And also to paying homage to Buddah.

& a little meditation 

 And the fun part, ringing the bell, & listening to many other visitors ringing the bell. Each person with their own special sound and characteristic. You can learn about a person just by the force they use and sound they make while ringing the bell. Very interesting!

 And a stop for some local grinds on the way home! 

Poi, lau lau, rice, and lomi salad


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