Staycation with SurfGirlBrit

With a view like this from my bedroom window, it’s easy to wake up in the morning and feel like I am on a vacation somewhere in a tropical jungle. Every morning I wake up early as soon as the sun pops up so that I may enjoy the warm, beautiful, daytime weather.You might be thinking that I have an easy, laid back, carefree kind of life. Although this is somewhat true, I have worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to support myself and afford daily living costs. I make just enough to get by at the moment, but I am content because I get to cruise around, surf, and enjoy the benefits of working at a world class resort. 

 Resort life is super fun and I encourage those in the hotel or food industry to give it a try somewhere at some time in your life. I get to meet all kinds of interesting individuals from around the world, even famous celebrities!   I learned invaluable lessons in Hawaii about human nature, myself, and life. I appreciate this path I have chosen to take because I can spend my days off from the restaurant working on other creative pieces of myself and manifesting the best within me.I chose Oahu because it best accommodates my passion for nature and surfing lifestyle. It’s not for everybody. Oahu demands that you carry yourself honorably, with integrity, respect, and love for the land and it’s people. For me personally, my soul feels at home here.   Oahu has welcomed me with open arms of Aloha since the moment I arrived here. I have made lifelong connections with my close circle of friends, most of whom are natives to this land. 

  My friends and I love spending time surfing together, and tailgating at some of our favorite spots, celebrating life, and dancing hula!


 Oahu is the place where I can charge bigger sized waves on the reg, giving me the ultimate feeling of joy. The waves I get to ride were once only something attainable in dreams. Now i can bring those dreams to life one session at a time.



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